Worship Service

Thanksgiving in the Caymanian context is an opportunity for all people to affirm their faith in our Creator and remember the Source of our blessings. As fellowship and communion of people are integral parts of our Christian heritage, we encourage you to join family and friends at a worship service during Thanksgiving weekend to give thanks as a community of faith. Family and friends can be invited to attend worship services prior to the Thanksgiving meal.

We invite congregations all over Cayman to share in our new national celebration.  In recognizing this time which marks the passage of hurricane season, it is a most opportune moment to affirm our Faith and acknowledge the Source of our blessings through a celebration of thanks and praise.

Being ever mindful that “tis more blessed to give than to receive”, we encourage everyone to participate in “Charity Begins @ Home” by donating their unused hurricane supplies for distribution to the less fortunate in the community. This is but one example of a random act of kindness which congregations can actively support during this weekend.


In bringing to mind the wonderful things for which to be thankful and expressing gratitude for “…all good things around us …”, we humbly suggest that you include special prayers of blessing for our local farmers and fishermen, who provide us with the food we eat.  As Fellowship and Communion are essential tenets of our Faith, all members are encouraged to share in a traditional Caymanian meal, using locally grown produce. Caymanians are encouraged to invite non-Caymanians to their family gatherings to share their culture and heritage, to encourage fellowship, promote kindness and demonstrate “loving thy neighbour as thyself”.