Giving Back

In addition to the exciting happenings at Market at the Grounds, everyone is encouraged to participate in other community based activities under the theme, "Charity Begins @ Home". Giving back is a tangible way of demonstrating a spirit of gratitude and displaying the Caymanian spirit of caring for your neighbour.

Examples of appropriate charitable activities include painting the home of a sick/elderly person, delivering groceries and /or unused hurricane supplies to the less fortunate, visiting the elderly, sick and shut-in, doing a beach clean-up of your favourite beach with your family, planting a food bearing tree, or painting the graves of loved ones and ancestors.

Service clubs and other charitable organizations are encouraged to take this opportunity to coordinate a charitable project. There will be tremendous social capital released into our community if everyone performs at least one charitable act during this weekend.

When we acknowledge our blessings, we are moved to share them with those who are less fortunate “…for to whom much is given, much is required.” This year the focus is on donating unused canned goods by placing them in receptacles at locations to be announced soon.

All Subway Restaurants in Cayman are collecting canned goods and donating them to Meals on Wheels and Feed our Future!  We congratulate them for demonstrating Charity Begins at Home.