Getting Together

The Thanksgiving meal is the heart of the celebration and everyone is encouraged to host or partake in family gatherings and welcome non-family members into their homes for fellowship centred around a traditional Caymanian meal using locally grown produce. Specifically, Caymanians are called to invite non-Caymanians to participate in their family gatherings.

As Caymanians are encouraged to invite non-Caymanians to participate in their family gatherings, the Caymanian cuisine
will be the key feature of honouring all things Caymanian. It will create instant demand for local farmers, fishermen and food-related cottage industries such as cooks and bakers, to supply the products to make Cayman Thanksgiving a success. The overall benefits include preserving Caymanian culture, developing culinary arts which utilize Caymanian produce and giving tangible support to Caymanian farmers and fishermen who toil throughout the year with sometimes little appreciation for their tremendous efforts.

Everyone is invited to send us photos and stories of their family gatherings which will be posted on this website as a record of our national Celebration. If you have any photos of your Cayman Thanksgiving celebrations, please email them to us at