Support us!

As endeavours of this nature require funding to establish and sustain its development, we invite the business community and other individuals to play its part by supporting this weekend-long national celebration borne out of love for country and in the spirit of humility, kindness and service. It is a win-win situation as donors receive recognition and support from the community at large and Cayman Thanksgiving receives the much needed assistance to sustain some principles of nation-building such as instilling national pride in our heritage and culture.

In reflecting on how conversations have changed over the past ten or fifteen years, Cayman Thanksgiving will bring greater and more specific focus on Caymanian heritage and culture, thus building a strong identity for Caymanians locally and overseas.

The celebrations are strategically scheduled for the weekend culminating with the first Sunday in December, which marks the passage of hurricane season, to strengthen our “farm to table” approach to dining thus supporting local farmers and promote a celebration that will not disrupt school calendars or impose economic loss for businesses.

While we welcome your financial contribution, we encourage you to participate in Cayman Thanksgiving by:

  • Holding a Customer Appreciation Tasting Day of Caymanian delicacies
  • Have a cooking competition in your office of traditional Caymanian foods
  • Participating in “Charity Begins @ Home” community service activities by encouraging staff and clients to contribute to the collection of unused hurricane supplies for donation to the less fortunate or participating in other random acts of kindness during the weekend celebrations
  • Going out to the Farmer’s Markets to support local farmers
  • Inviting staff and their families to attend a worship service
  • Encouraging Caymanians to invite non-Caymanians into their homes on Thanksgiving Sunday to partake in a traditional Caymanian meal, thus embracing all cultures in an inclusive setting.

Restaurants and similar businesses are encouraged to include Caymanian dishes in their menu.

Cayman Thanksgiving is a non-political, non-governmental, non-profit organization and the full support of the business community and generous benefactors is needed to promote stronger social and family bonds, boost our tourism, financial and retail industry, and stimulate economic activity.  In becoming a momentous aspect of our social and cultural calendar, Cayman Thanksgiving will provide an opportunity for our “home comers” to return with a more vivid understanding of Caymanian culture.  It is anticipated that the Cayman Thanksgiving website will become a valuable tool for schools, human resource personnel and agencies and business opportunists who wish to provide information for prospective overseas employees or investors.

We look forward to your support in the preservation of all things Caymanian. Contributions can be made by cheque payable to Cayman Thanksgiving and mailed to Cayman Thanksgiving, PO Box 710 George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-9006, CAYMAN ISLANDS or by deposit to Acct # 111-12988 (KYD) or 022-25234 (USD) at any Cayman National Bank branch. Anonymous contributions can be made by contacting us at