The Community

Cayman Thanksgiving recognizes that our community is made up of Caymanians and non-Caymanians, young and old people as well as individuals from different economic backgrounds. What we have in common is that the Cayman Islands is our home. Cayman Thanksgiving puts our differences aside and focusses on the good of our home and our many blessings. Today’s Caymanian community must own its future and move forward together in celebration of all things Caymanian.

About Us

The Cayman Thanksgiving Planning Committee is a
not-for-profit group of dedicated and talented members of our community who volunteer their time, talents and expertise to establish the concept of Cayman Thanksgiving in the Cayman Islands. Each member possesses a specific skill-set that is applied to the area of assigned responsibility to achieve set objectives. We are fortunate to have the following members of the Planning Committee:

Samuel Rose, Elkie Rose, Kerry Forbes, Laura Young, Anthonia Spencer, Faith Gealey & Pilar Bush

Mission and Vision

The Cayman Thanksgiving Committee’s mission and vision is to establish an opportunity for the Cayman community to give thanks for the blessings of life; thus empowering families, friends and neighbours to begin a new tradition borne out of love for country and humanity, in the spirit of humility, kindness and service.


The values of the Cayman Thanksgiving Committee are to preserve Caymanian culture by:

  • re-igniting a Caymanian tradition of families, friends and neighbours to come together as a community
  • spurring the spirit to give back, and to share our abundance of blessings
  • encouraging the Cayman Islands diaspora to visit or actively contribute to Cayman Thanksgiving
  • appreciating and highlighting local musical talent
  • tangibly supporting Cayman farmers and fishermen through culinary creativity of local produce
  • reminding our people that we were built on the moral principles of being welcoming, innovative, visionary, excellent in what we do, and respectful all undergirded by Christian values.